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5 reasons to visit Belgrade

5 reasons to visit Belgrade

It can be a little difficult to narrow down the top reasons why one should visit a city that you adore, where you were born and raised, but let me try.

To me, a few reasons standout:

  1. New friends in Belgrade! If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry, I believe you will soon. I have a lot of friends, some of them since my early childhood. People love to hang out, so don’t be surprised when someone whom you’ve just met invites you to a café or party! In that case, just relax and have fun!
  2. Loads of history. It’s hard to see how old the city really is, because most of the remains have been destroyed in the wars. Still, it contains a lot of memories that remain hidden from the eyes of people. They tell the story about the ancient world, Roman way of life, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rule, the Kingdom of Serbia, WWI and WWII as well as modern time. Not just because I am a tour guide, but I recommend that you go on a tour where you can learn all of this information and see something things that are off the beaten path, not just what is offered in your average tour.
  3. Diversity of nature. Belgrade is the only capital in Europe located at the confluence of two rivers. Not only that, but at the Danube River is located Great War Island, with its untouched nature and more than 60 species of birds. It’s an ideal place for fishing. During summertime, there is a sandy beach. Belgrade is also known for its parks, a favorite place for locals and tourists alike to spend an afternoon. Just outside of Belgrade is Avala Mountain which contains a Television tower that offers rides to the top for a stunning panoramic view of Serbia. It is an excellent place to escape during the weekend for a barbeque and music!
  4. Food, of course! This is written in almost every guide, I can’t bypass it either. My favorite dish is so simple – cevapi and kajmak with hot buns (lepinja), and for dessert chocolate cake. All the restaurants prepare this, but I recommend you to find a restaurant Prolece, just next to the main pedestrian zone. That is for sure a great choice!
  5. Action, action and action. Whether you want to go museums, cultural events, the cinema, the theatre, a river cruise, a helicopter ride, music events, or experience night life, Belgrade has an option for everybody.

I hope you will come soon and discover my beautiful city!


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