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Reflections on the Winter Season


Although Spring is knocking on the door, last weekend I slipped away for the last time this season and went to Kopaonik Mountain for skiing. While Belgrade was sunny and warm, on Kopaonik it was snowing.

Let me briefly tell you something about my skiing history. Before this winter, I skied only three times in my life. I learned how to ski at the age of eight on Brezovica Mountain. Last year (25 years later) I decided to try again. People say that when you learn something as a child, it stays with you for the rest of your life. They are right! The muscles in my legs remembered things that I couldn’t believe and overall, I considered it a great success. I even managed to get a few runs in without falling down and returned home with the ability to say that I know how to ski (at least the basics).

This year I progressed a lot, with support from awesome instructors who have been skiing their whole lives. (Thank you!) Now I am skiing red (intermediate) and black (expert) trails!

I’d like to offer a little advice for those who don’t know how to ski but would like to learn or those who are ready  advance beyond the basics:

  1. Skiing is not complicated. Anyone can learn how to ski with the right motivation.
  2. Don’t be shy if you don’t know how to get dressed for skiing! No One knew their first time. Ask your friends.
  3. Take a few classes to learn the proper technique. If you learn the wrong technique, it will be much harder to correct later, not to mention that it decreases your risk of injury!
  4. Skiing is like every other sport. You need to be in a shape, or your gonna be sore later. If you are beginner, take it slow. Ease your way in.   
  5. If you come to Kopaonik and are beginner, I suggest that you don’t buy a daily ski pass which is approx. 28 euro. Instead, buy a ticket for one ride which costs 3 euro. If it is your first time, two or three tickets for one day will be enough and you’ll save the money.
  6. Skiing is not a cheap sport. You can always rent skis and boots but my suggestion is to buy other equipment like ski suits, goggles, and gloves. The best is to buy after the season is finished, when they are on sale.

Ski season may be over, but I’m already looking forward to next year! And if I’ve inspired you to take the plunge next year, now is the perfect time start saving money and getting your gear on sale for next season. If you have any questions, shoot me a line and I’ll be happy to help. Hope to see you at Kopaonik next year!

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