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Dana Petrovic
Dana Petrovic

Dana Petrovic, Founder

Dana Petrovic – Founder “Knowing and understanding people, religion, history, and the way of life, makes us richer… Let’s create new experiences together!”

People say it is much easier when you know what you want from your life. Dana knew. She is a lover of traveling, history, sports, languages and above all – her country. It wasn’t hard to decide that she would study tourism, which became her life passion. After ten years of experience in diverse tourism sectors, she decided to start her own company… and the story goes on…

tet serbia
TET Serbia / Company

TET Serbia

The idea of the TET Serbia appeared few years ago, with the main goal – let people enjoy their experience while staying in Belgrade and Serbia. We are sure that you are one of those who appreciate their free time and want to make the best of every moment. Being in a foreign country can be very joyful and interesting, if you have the right group of people to show you around. So, a few of us, professionals and lovers of their jobs, have gathered in order to take you to the most interesting places that you probably wouldn’t visit by yourself.

We want you to enjoy your experience while discovering culture, history, nature, local life in the most genuine sense, and at the same time to become Serbian for a while… We are devoted to ensuring each guest experiences the best of Serbia!
Being local makes us good organizers and guides, but also, we want to hear what your needs are – all our tours are adaptable to your preferences!

Enjoy Your Experience!